Person Virtuall Interviewing in front of a computer

Preparation Tips for a Virtual Interview

Written by SDG Recruting Team
On February 25, 2021

Be prepared for something new

Seeking a new job can be a stressful and time-consuming process. A virtual job search, though, is a new experience even for a seasoned job hunter. Virtual interviews are becoming more common, and while many of the old interview tips still apply, here are some tips and tricks from the SDG Recruiting team to set yourself up for virtual success.


  1. Make your on-camera background and lighting reflect your style – but not distract from you as the interviewee
  2. Determine which platform is being used for your virtual interview – then download and test the platform for video and sound quality prior to your interview to ensure you’re ready 
  3. Dress to impress – Even though you are not in-person, the interviewer can see how you are presenting yourself 
  4. Reference guide –Have your resume, the job posting, questions for the interviewer, and the company website handy to reference 
  5. Plan – Ensure that potential distractions like your phone, pets, kids, etc. are taken care of  

Interviewing may have changed, but if you’re ready to explore new opportunities, we hope these tips help you be successful in your virtual interviews.

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