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Digital Transformation: Customer Engagement

Helping a business grow and evolve in the face of technological change has never been easy. Today’s business executives and thought leaders find themselves riding an unprecedented wave of innovation that shows no sign of abating. We have entered a deflationary period with respect to information technology as the price of computer cycles, communication, and collaboration plummets thanks to the...
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Digital Transformation: Business Operations

How can we lower costs, increase output, and continue to innovate while making our product available to the largest audience possible? These are common questions in meetings, from leadership, or by the watercooler. These same questions were faced by Henry Ford in the early 1900’s. His answer was the assembly line. While not the inventor, Ford saw that by conducting Business Operations...
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Digital Transformation: A practical guide

I remember being impressed with the ingenuity of Disney’s PhotoPass service nearly a decade ago. It was such a simple idea: “Let us take your pictures for you so you don’t have to carry a camera.” When you leave the park at the end of the day, your pictures are waiting for you. You can even put them in a Disney themed photobook while you’re there or online when you get home....
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