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Entries with tag bridging the communication gap .

Communication is Easy: True or False?

Not everyone is tech savvy. For some of us, this is easy to forget. Those of us who write code for a living must learn to think like computers, machines which behave in a reasonable fashion when explicitly instructed to do so; less so when presented with ambiguity. Machines do not ask questions when the intent of the programmer is unclear because for the machine, it never is. This strange...
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Translating Techno-Babble into Business Value

Even when people speak the same language, thoughts are often lost in translation as they become words uttered from our mouths or emails typed on computer screens.  Every day we all experience communication gaps in our personal lives, whether it be in disagreements with our spouses, instructions for our kids to clean their rooms, or in getting friends to agree with our political points of...
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