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Approaching an Approach to SharePoint and Office 365

When a company invests in SharePoint, it comes with the expectation that it will solve particular business problems and provide value to the organization. SharePoint is pre-packaged with a lot of promises and expectations, but it can cost significant time, money and resources to make good on these promises. The problem is that time, money and resources are finite.  With sdg’s extensive...
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The Value of Quality Assurance: Part 2

As you learned in Part 1 of the Value of Quality Assurance (QA) blog series, QA roles have evolved from software testing to true quality assurance. This means that projects can see huge benefits by including QA Engineers in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including the Requirements and Design Phase. Historically you may not have had QA resources engaged during...
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Sudo and Sudon’t: Why, When and How to Sudo on a Linux System

If you’ve ever used a modern Linux distribution you’ve probably used sudo. But if you haven’t, check out this article and come back. I’ll wait right here. References to sudo in forum discussions are countless. It’s a powerful command, but there’s some magic behind it so I feel it deserves a little more attention. Some questions naturally come up: why do we need sudo? When should it be...
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Communication is Easy: True or False?

Not everyone is tech savvy. For some of us, this is easy to forget. Those of us who write code for a living must learn to think like computers, machines which behave in a reasonable fashion when explicitly instructed to do so; less so when presented with ambiguity. Machines do not ask questions when the intent of the programmer is unclear because for the machine, it never is. This strange...
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Digital Transformation: Customer Engagement

Helping a business grow and evolve in the face of technological change has never been easy. Today’s business executives and thought leaders find themselves riding an unprecedented wave of innovation that shows no sign of abating. We have entered a deflationary period with respect to information technology as the price of computer cycles, communication, and collaboration plummets thanks to the...
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