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The sdg Blog is designed to show you who we are and what we're all about. Whether you're looking to read up on the latest technologies, trying to improve your soft skills, or wondering what we've been up to, our blog offers something for everybody.

Food and Trust

Trust is one of the cornerstones of an effective team, and building trust often takes time and energy from everyone involved. Over the years, I’ve witnessed many organizations spend countless dollars on extravagant team building exercises; ropes courses, concerts, cruises, parties, seminars, coaching sessions... you name it. While each of these can have varying degrees of effectiveness,...
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WebGL and Three.js: Texture Mapping

Three.js Three.js is a lightweight 3D library that hides a lot of the WebGL complexities and makes it very simple to get started with 3D programming on the web. Three.js can be downloaded from github or the three.js website , where you will also find links to documentation and examples. In my previous tutorial , I showed you how to setup a basic Three.js application. In that...
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Silo MS Access Data and Reporting Systems in Corporate IT

Silo data and reporting systems are everywhere, and if you’ve been in IT project consulting long enough, you’ve either had to build one or replace one. If you assume that these are only found in medium to small businesses, you’re completely wrong. Silo systems are found in almost every Fortune 500 company here in the Twin Cities – and I would assume it doesn’t stop there. So, what is a...
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sdg Celebrates Employee Appreciation Week

Thank you. Rarely do companies take time to say this to their employees. At sdg, we recognize how important and special our employees are. They are admired as co-workers, they strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and they care about our community. This week, sdg is taking the time to recognize these qualities by celebrating Employee Appreciation Week. Throughout the week, we have...
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5 Reasons Your Company Should Have a Book Club

Five years ago one of our employees suggested we start a company book club. Starting a book club seemed like a good idea – unique opportunity to bring employees together, could hold the meetings before work, inexpensive, easy to discontinue if there was a lack of interest - so we gave it a try. Five years later, the book club is alive and well. I have been an active participant in the book...
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