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Is After-the-Fact Static Analysis a Code Smell?

I just finished a round of security-oriented static analysis at work. It went pretty well. We found a handful of issues that required a second look - nothing immediately exploitable, but things that should be handled with a healthy dose of paranoia. We made them safer. I had my doubts about commercial-grade static analysis. Now I think I’m convinced. I can’t help but wonder what this...
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Baskets of Hope for the Holidays

164 families received  Baskets of Hope  this holiday season thanks to the contributions made by sdg employees. Through this program, every $25 donated to the  Emergency Foodshelf Network (EFN)  provides an entire holiday meal to families in need throughout the Twin Cities. With employee donations and sdg’s $1 for $1 match, we raised $4,100, or 164 baskets,...
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Food and Trust

Trust is one of the cornerstones of an effective team, and building trust often takes time and energy from everyone involved. Over the years, I’ve witnessed many organizations spend countless dollars on extravagant team building exercises; ropes courses, concerts, cruises, parties, seminars, coaching sessions... you name it. While each of these can have varying degrees of effectiveness,...
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WebGL and Three.js: Texture Mapping

Three.js Three.js is a lightweight 3D library that hides a lot of the WebGL complexities and makes it very simple to get started with 3D programming on the web. Three.js can be downloaded from github or the three.js website , where you will also find links to documentation and examples. In my previous tutorial , I showed you how to setup a basic Three.js application. In that...
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Silo MS Access Data and Reporting Systems in Corporate IT

Silo data and reporting systems are everywhere, and if you’ve been in IT project consulting long enough, you’ve either had to build one or replace one. If you assume that these are only found in medium to small businesses, you’re completely wrong. Silo systems are found in almost every Fortune 500 company here in the Twin Cities – and I would assume it doesn’t stop there. So, what is a...
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