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The sdg Blog is designed to show you who we are and what we're all about. Whether you're looking to read up on the latest technologies, trying to improve your soft skills, or wondering what we've been up to, our blog offers something for everybody.

Courage vs. Conformity

Within the organizations we work for, many of us are empowered as decision-makers. Whether we’re executives, directors, managers, engineers, administrative staff, or working on the assembly line, we’re told that we have the ability to effect change; to make decisions and to change the company for the better. Many companies will extol the virtues of “being empowered,” to bring ownership to...
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sdg e-Mentors Students Interested in Technology

This spring, sdg volunteers participated in the BestPrep eMentors Program for the first time, and found it to be very rewarding. The eMentors Program partners high school students with business volunteers to help kids prepare for the work environment. Since the program can be tailored to meet different curricula, sdg’ers were paired with 32 students from a Computer Programming class in...
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Make a PACT© with Your Agile Team: Part 1 of 6

Agile. We’ve all heard about it. Some project managers and teams love it. Some hate it. Many are uneasy about how it might change the way we get things done. Much of this uneasiness comes from a fundamental lack of understanding about what Agile actually is, and what it has to offer. Often, even teams that have already “gone fully Agile,” don’t actually understand what it is, confusing its...
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WebGL and Three.js: Lighting

What is WebGL and Three.js? WebGL is a Javascript API used to render 3D graphics to the screen in a browser. Programming directly in the WebGL API can be complicated and messy, but lucky for us there are libraries that simplify this. One such library is Three.js. Three.js Three.js is a lightweight 3D library that hides a lot of the WebGL complexities and makes it very simple to...
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Just Barely Good Enough

The Pursuit of Simplicity As an enterprise software developer, I am often asked to design and implement solutions to complex business problems. Given that any problem of sufficient complexity is likely to have an unmanageable number of potential solutions, it’s worth considering the question of how one should go about separating the wheat from the chaff. Scientists, philosophers, and...
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