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The sdg Blog is designed to show you who we are and what we're all about. Whether you're looking to read up on the latest technologies, trying to improve your soft skills, or wondering what we've been up to, our blog offers something for everybody.

The Cost of Poor Quality

In this day and age, we’re often asked to get more done with less and to get products to market on time -- no matter the cost. After all, if the product hasn’t shipped you can’t sell it, right? But in the squeeze between the three pillars of project management -- Time, Cost (resources to develop and produce the product), and Scope (features), there is a fourth element critical to every...
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WebGL and Three.js: Creating a Real Scene

What is WebGL WebGL is a Javascript API used to render 3D graphics to the screen in a browser. The WebGL API can be complicated and messy, but there are libraries that simplify this. One such library is Three.js. Three.js is a lightweight 3D library that hides a lot of the WebGL complexities and makes it very simple to do 3D programming on the web. Three.js can be downloaded from ...
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Adopt an Information Super Highway

In the 1970’s we had a bit of a littering problem in this country. I can remember many an ashtray being dumped out the window, often at 60mph, creating a swirling vortex of ash in my Grandfather’s Puke Green Oldsmobuick. To make matters worse, the ‘70s saw a surge in fast food as well - creating the family drive and dine experience - often ending in tossing a sack of wrappers out the window,...
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Data Visualization: Conveying Infographics

Having written a series of blogs on the life cycle of data from good database design to keeping your data clean to making optimal decisions from appropriate data, this blog focuses on the interpretation of data in a non-columnar way.     “A picture is worth ten thousand words.” ( Fred R. Barnard, 1927 ) Good data visualization will save you thousands of seconds to sort out...
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sdg Volunteers Participate in BestPrep eMentor Program

Back by popular demand, sdg volunteered for the second time with the BestPrep eMentors program this spring. BestPrep is a not-for-profit organization that helps educate Minnesota youth on various employment skills and business opportunities. This year, sdg volunteers were paired with a Design, Digital Media and Innovation class at Northeast Metro High School from February through...
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