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Upgrade Your SharePoint Environment for the Last Time

“To build competitive advantage and cut costs, CIOs and other IT leaders need to constantly adapt their strategies to leverage cloud capabilities.” – David Mitchell Smith, Vice President and Gartner Fellow  Although the migratory patterns of a SharePoint environment have become more refined with each generation, a version-to-version upgrade carries some risk as well as high costs....
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Defining a Digital Brand

In 1899, two lawyers unwittingly jumpstarted one of biggest marketing campaigns in the history of advertising. These lawyers successfully proposed a contract to buy Coca-Cola syrup for bottling at a fixed price - forever. This negotiation would ironically strong-arm Coca-Cola into a 70-year marketing battle to keep a glass of the soda priced at  5¢. With a fixed syrup price, any per drink...
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SVG Icon Management with React.js

During a recent project, we needed to create a solution for managing a large library of icons and implementing them in a flexible and reusable way.    We considered the two primary options for delivering hi-res vector based icons: icon fonts and inline SVGs (scalable vector graphics). The consensus in recent years is that if you don’t need to support older browsers (<IE8),...
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Digital Transformation: Products and Services

In 2006 Deluxe Corporation got the majority of its revenue from printing checks and business forms.  However, these businesses were in decline because their customers were moving to online banking.  Deluxe faced an existential crisis: how could they remain relevant?  Many companies in this situation focus on improving their product, trying to eke out incremental gains in an...
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Third Annual Open Source North Conference

The third annual Open Source North (OSN) conference took place last week at Normandale Community College in Bloomington, MN. OSN is a local tech conference that connects Open Source leaders in the Twin Cities community and beyond.  This year's conference had 6 tracks and a total of 36 presentations that focused primarily on Open Source enterprise development. sdg'ers Andrew Gruhn ...
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