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Teamwork: A Partnership Between Teammates and Leaders

We’ve all heard the clichés such as, “There’s no ‘I’ in TEAM,” or “We’re all stronger than the sum of our parts.” Some leaders will throw around trite expressions, while others will simply throw a bunch of people in a room and tell them to get it done or heads will roll. Others may have a more deliberate approach such as selecting members of a team based on their personality profiles, skill...
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An Introduction to the Value of Quality Assurance

We can all agree that Quality is vital to software development. So when does the Quality Assurance (QA) team get involved in the process? Historically, QA resources have not been engaged until after development starts, or more often than not, when development finishes. Agile methodologies have begun to remedy this by including QA resources earlier in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC),...
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Multiple #1 Priorities

When I get home from work, my wife has a standing “honey do” list -- a list of tasks around the house that she would like me to complete. There are always more things on the list than I can possibly accomplish in one weekend, so the list never really ends. Every item on the list is ordered from #1 to whatever the end number is in order of priority. Here’s a simple example of what is on the...
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7 Lessons that make Communication Easier

Communicating is difficult. Most of the really good lessons I’ve learned came through pain. Sometimes it came through my pain, and sometimes through someone else’s pain.  Below is a list of communication lessons that I wish I had learned prior to experiencing, or witnessing, misfortune. It’s perfectly fine to not know what someone is talking about.  Someone may be...
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The Cost of Poor Quality

In this day and age, we’re often asked to get more done with less and to get products to market on time -- no matter the cost. After all, if the product hasn’t shipped you can’t sell it, right? But in the squeeze between the three pillars of project management -- Time, Cost (resources to develop and produce the product), and Scope (features), there is a fourth element critical to every...
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