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Finding the Balance Between Work and Health

There’s so much focus these days on ensuring a proper work/life balance at organizations, but where is the focus on work/health balance? Did you know that living a healthy lifestyle can contribute to living longer, increased productivity and concentration, increased self-confidence, and your overall happiness?

My observation throughout the years is that project teams spend the majority of the time in meetings or working on the computer at their desk.  With lunch meetings, tight deadlines, and stressed work environments, we tend to forget about our health. Since a healthy lifestyle doesn’t seem to be near the forefront in many organizations, I wanted to provide a few ways to help maintain your health while at work.

1. Drink lots of water and add some flavor

I love branded cups and water bottles, so I always take my sdg water bottle, fill it with water and add my favorite crystal light drink mix.  I have three different flavors because I get bored with plain water and the different flavors help spice it up.

2. Get up and move

Instead of writing an email to my project team, I go to their desk to get what I need. Sometimes I will ask them to go for a walk while we discuss project needs.  This helps me get up from my desk, get my blood flowing and move around. When taking a restroom break, try walking to the furthest restroom from you rather than use the one closest. If you work in an office building with multiple floors, use the stairs!

3. Create reminders or block time on your calendar

I’m very time driven (being the Project Manager that I am) and if it’s not on my calendar I don’t do it.  So every day I have 15 minutes blocked on my calendar to get up and move around.  I either go outside to get fresh air, go to the break room to fill up my water bottle, or go to the closest gym for a good workout and a much needed energy boost!

4. Have healthy snack options at your desk

When I’m at work, I know where every candy jar is located!  I decided to have fruits and nuts at my desk so I don’t have to go elsewhere for snacking.  And when I’m in the mood for chocolate, I have a chocolate protein bar or shake to quench my craving.

With stress all around you in the workplace, I’m hoping these tips can guide your health by increasing your energy and your happiness!